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All with The Industry’s only 25 year warranty

Brought to you by An American Family Run Business Since 1951
With Over 150,000 Satisfied Customers


To Make Your Floors Look “Like New”
No Dust Sanding Wood Floor Refinishing

No Move Out, Walk on floors each night,  No Dust, No Fumes

 No Toxic Chemicals, Child and School Green Guard Certified,

25 Year Warranty  Choose from 3 sheen Levels Satin, Semi Gloss, Gloss

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Ceramic Tile Grout Restoration 1 Day
No Need To Replace Grout Or Ceramic tiles
To Make Your Grout Look “Like New”

Refresh Existing Color, Change to New Color, 25 Year Warranty

Stain, Mold, Mildew, Bacteria  Resistant,

 No Dust, No Fumes, No Odors, No Toxic Chemicals

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Hardwood Floor Repair in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, & Newport Beach

When We opened our first flooring business we promised great service, fair prices and excellent installation. Our promise remains the same today 62 years later with our Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Hardwood Floor Repair. In just the last 5 years over 35% the Flooring Companies nationwide have gone out of business. In the “here today and gone tomorrow” flooring business world a 62 year old American Family run business is a monument to total customer care and service.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing without the nightmare of airborne dust

No Sanding Wood Floor Refinishing means No Dust! No Odor! No Downtime! No Move out, saves you Time and Money. Sanding and refinishing is no longer the only way, or the best way to restore beauty and luster to hardwood floors. Homeowners who want Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing learn that Dust Free Sanding hardwood floor dust free refinishing provided exclusively by OC DustFree, using the same ultra-tough protective urethane that national bowling giant Brunswick uses in its bowling lanes. Dust Free sanding wood floor refinishing can usually be very quickly, involves zero fumes or dust, and costs about 1/2 as much as sanding.

This is especially good news in Orange County, where distressed, hand-scraped and engineered hardwood floors are particularly popular. Neither type are able to be sanded, the veneer of engineered floors is too thin, and hand-scraped floors too intentionally irregular, to allow sanding. Until Dust Free Sanding came along, such hardwood floors required replacing. We handle Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Long Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and the surrounding Areas.

Over 125,000 Satisfied Customers 
An American Family Run Business Since 1951

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