Hardwood Floor Refinishing San Diego

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing San Diego

Most people install hardwood flooring in their homes and offices because it provides the high-end elegant finish that they’re looking for. Whether hardwood flooring is made of a traditional oak or something more exotic like bamboo or cork, it has the ability to make your space look it’s best.

Even Durable Hardwood Flooring Can Be Damaged
Over time, your hardwood flooring can take a beating. When things are dropped on, dragged across, or too heavy for your hardwood flooring, it can be damaged to the point of needing refinishing. Traditionally, hardwood flooring needed to be sanded down in order to be properly refinished, but OC Dust Free has a different method of refinishing your prized hardwood floors.

OC Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing San Diego
OC Dust Free provides its customers with no dust hardwood floor refinishing that doesn’t require any sanding to properly repair your hardwood flooring. We understand that you don’t want a thick layer of dust throughout your home, and our 1-day dust free hardwood floor refinishing method is your best solution.

For more information about our 1-day dust free solution, 25-year warranty, or for a free estimate, contact us today at (888) 338-1313.