Think Twice Before Sanding

Think Twice Before Sanding!

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Think Twice Before Sanding
Your Hardwood Floor

One Day No Sanding™ No dust refinishing can be Better, Faster

Easier — at half the Cost of Sanding

Sanding and Hard wood floor refinishing is no longer the only – or even the best – way to restore beauty and luster to ailing hardwood floors. Homeowners who do their due diligence are happily surprised to learn that the One Day No Sanding™ refinishing provided exclusively by OC DustFree, using the same ultra-tough protective urethane that national bowling giant Brunswick uses in its bowling lanes, can usually be done in one day, involves zero fumes or dust, and costs about 1/2 as much as sanding

This is especially good news in Orange County, where distressed, hand-scraped and engineered wood floors are particularly popular. According to Gus DeFalco, whose second-generation family-owned Costa Mesa business has been installing, repairing, and refinishing wood flooring since 1951, neither type are able to be sanded in the first place: the veneer of engineered floors is too thin, and hand-scraped floors too intentionally irregular, to allow sanding. Until One Day No Sanding™ came along, such floors required replacing. Our exclusive refinishing process was originally developed for those floors and is the only way they can be easily refinished.

“People with wax-finish wood floors know the good thing about them is that you can wax and shine them. They also know that the bad thing about them is that you have to wax and shine them,” DeFalco joked. “Many customers are extremely relieved to learn that One Day No Sanding™ can “convert” your wax floors to the Brunswick urethane. One Day No Sanding™ can even be used to change or alter the floor’s color.”

While true solid hardwood floors, typically found in vintage homes, are thick enough to be sanded, One Day No Sanding™ is a smart refinishing option for them, too, especially when there are localized stains, wood damage, or time and cost restraints – sanding usually takes four to five days and costs twice as much.

One Day No Sanding™   utilizes the industry’s only environmentally friendly Child-And School Safe Certified Greenguard Indoor Air Quality process.

One Day No Sanding™involves a fast, hassle-free five -phase process. It only takes one day, on a typical floor, to remove the loose urethane, clean dirt and grime from the wood, prime the surface with a bonding agent, and refinish it with odorless, quick-drying, non­flammable water-based urethane that will protect the hardwood for years.

This is the toughest urethane on the market, period,” DeFalco said. “It’s durable enough for bowling alleys, the most punishing environment for wood floors you can imagine. We’re the only wood floor refinishing company in Southern California that has this One Day No Sanding™    system ”

The satin, semi-gloss and gloss finish urethane is water-based, so it has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or toxic off-gasses. DeFalco said it’s better than the old oil-based urethanes in several ways. It never yellows, and with One Day No Sanding™ chemical process, the Brunswick urethane cures faster and stronger. You can walk on it same day.

We’ve been using it for years in schools. auditoriums, restaurants and museums. It lasts four to eight years in those environments, so you can imagine how it does in residential applications with far less use and traffic.

One Day No Sanding™ is revolutionizing the wood floor industry. Normally     about half the cost of sanding with a lot less aggravation. Over 100,000 satisfied customers and over one million feet of One Day No Sanding™ refinished.

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