Hardwood Floor Installation – Orange County


OC Dust Free Flooring Company

An American Family Run Business Since 1951
Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers

In 1951, we opened our business specializing in hardwood floor installation, repairs, refinishing and wood floor restoration for Orange County homes and businesses.

We continue to this day with hardwood floor installation, repairing and refinishing wood floors. What has changed over the last 15 years is we pioneered an additional service for certain floors:

Call or email us with room sizes and areas for a fast accurate phone quote – we are the experts in wood floor restoration and hardwood floor installation in Orange County!


YES                We can repair existing damaged wood floors

YES                We can match your existing wood floor strips.

YES                We can add wood floors to match existing.

YES                We can DustFree refinish your wood floors.

YES                We can offer a 25 year warranty.


For A Free phone  Estimate Call (949) 554-4920 gus@ocdustfree.com