Worst Choice For Your Floors

Worst choice for your floors

There are a number of reasons to recoat a hardwood floor. Over time, general wear and tear of hardwood floors is normal. Scratches, scuffs, dulling and worn patches in your hardwood floors can leave them looking old, dull, faded, and unattractive.

Beyond being more affordable and faster than sanding a hardwood floor, 1 Day No Sanding Floor Refinishing & Grout Restoration (done in one day and walk on the floor the same night) can restore the look, beauty, luster, and also extend the life of a floor.  1 Day No Sanding Floor Refinishing reduces the number of times a floor may need to be refinished. Others offer a 1 year warranty— We alone can offer our customer the only 25 year warranty in the industry!

The Right Way  –  How Our Clean, Seal, Color, & Coat System Works

Step 1 – Chemically abrades and cleans the floor.

Step 2 – Rinses the Phase 1 chemical off of the floor.

Step 3 – Alcohol based cleaner that dissolves existing oil-based grease & dirt.

Step 4-5 – Repeat first 3 steps to make sure all dirt, wax, and oils are removed.

Step 6 – Apply Color to refresh, Blend, Enhance, & Rejuvenate the wood floors

Step  7 –  Apply 25 Year Commercial urethane in satin, semi-gloss, or gloss


We alone can offer our customers the only 25 Year Warranty in the Industry!

The Worst Ways— Only 2 steps

Other companies use “Worst Choice Methods” called by a few different names:

“Screen and Coat”        “Scratch and Coat”       “Gentle Buffing & Recoat”

Ask your Self This One Question:

Who do you want working at your home?  A non-licensed, non-insured, 2 week “trained’ refinisher, or an experienced non-franchise, licensed contractor with a 25 year warranty?

Important Little-Known Facts:

All above methods require a California Sate Contractors License. Ours is #695681.


Most of the “Other Guys” are operating illegally with no contractor license, no liability insurance, no workers compensation insurance, and no employee background checks.

In the last few years they have bought a franchise that “trained” them for a week or two and are now working on wood floors with inferior Mop & Glow and similar products, and bad methods.

Other major national carpet cleaning companies entered the wood floor refinishing business,  only to drop the service after ruining a lot of customers’ floors, and after the State Contractors License board came down on them for operating Illegally.


Here is the method of all the Wrong Ways

A rotary buffer or similar equipment is used to mechanically abrade the existing finish, then a new coat of urethane is applied.

The problems with this process is that the dirt, oils, wax, loose  and bad urethane  are not removed and are sealed in under the new coat of urethane

The buffer also creates the finest dust that remains airborne for months, and settles in the new coat of finish and everywhere else in your home.

They seal in the Dirt…sealed-in dirt darkens the floor and makes the finish dull & ugly.

They do not clean the floor.. so the new urethane coat cannot permanently adhere to the existing dirty floor, and will eventually chip, peel, and fail, leaving you to do it all over again.

They use the cheapest, lowest grade urethane finish that will not last or protect your floors.


Most Important for your floors ..

They use No color….

No Color Blending, No Color Refreshing, No Color Enhancing.

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Below is a photo of the dirt we remove that others leave on your floor and seal it in!!!