Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Your Self this question: Should I Do This Once with OC DustFree & get a 25 Year warranty, Or do this every 5 years with another refinisher?

Do You Give Free Phone Estimates ?

Yes we do— call us with the room measurements & we can give you an accurate free phone estimate..

Are You A Franchise?

NO. We are a second generation, American family-run business since 1951, with over 125,000 satisfied customers.We like to say “Our Family Serving Your Family for 50 plus Years”.We are not some “Johnny come lately” with no contractor’s license that took a one week course on how to buff/screen and recoat wood floors using cheaper, less quality urethane.We’ve seen some companies even use acrylics, like Mop & Glo or Refresh on your floors.



Most of the “Other Guys” are operating illegally, with no contractor license, no liability insurance, no workers’ compensation insurance, and no employee background checks. In the last year or so…they have bought a franchise that “trained” them for a week or two and are now working on wood floors with inferior products and methods


Who Are Our Basic Customers?

People that:

  • Have floors that may not need a full sand and refinish, possibly just a cleaning, refreshing, and recoating.
  • Have allergies and do not want any amount of dust or odors.
  • Have Hand-scraped or distressed floors that cannot be fully sanded and refinished.
  • Do not have the time out if the house, or do not want the hassle of a full sanding refinish.


COMPETITION–Can your competitors offer the same system?

WE HAVE NO COMPETITORS…NO ONE CAN DO WHAT WE DO! No other licensed or non-licensed contractor can offer anything close to what we can!
25 Year warranty.Some contractors say they can offer a similar service, but they cannot.Over 125,000 satisfied customers. We are licensed!

What are the 7 steps of the 1 Day Re Coating system?
  1. Clean the floor with a water-based pumiced cleaner.
  2. Rinse the floor to remove cleaner.
  3. Clean the floor with an alcohol-based pumiced cleaner.
  4. Rinse the floor to remove cleaner.
  5. Repeat first 3 systems if necessary.
  6. Seal the floor and prepare the existing urethane to accept color and the new urethane.
  7. Apply the Brunswick Bowling alley urethane. (satin, semi-gloss, or gloss).
Will it work on engineered wood floors?

Absolutely! In fact, 1 Day Recoating is the only method that can refinish an engineered wood floor, offering multiple finishes. Because the wear layer is so thin, you can’t afford to sand it. We only affect the layer above the wood. This is perfect! If you maintain the finish you won’t wear out the wood.

Will it work on Hand-scraped hardwood floors?

In fact, because you cannot sand hand-scraped or distressed wood floors, 1 Day RE Coating is the only method that can refinish these types of floors. Handscraped / Distressed floors respond best with our system.

Will it work on hardwood that has been sanded before and is too thin to sand again?

In fact, we feel , 1 Day Recoating is the only method that can refinish sanded wood floor because the wear layer is so thin, you can’t sand it again. We only affect the layer above the wood, no wood gets removed.

Can you cure sun-bleached areas and faded areas under area rugs?

YES, This would require our Dust Free sanding .

Can I get an idea of how my floor will look?

With the , 1 Day Recoatingthe floor will lok a lot better.With The DustFree sanding the floor will look like “Brand New”

Will it fill holes in the floor?

We will fill the holes left from the nails in the tack strip from a previous carpet installation and the staple holes. However, it will not fill bevels between boards or major gouges in the wood from previous problems.

Will it get rid of scratches?

1 Day Recoating is focused on the existing finish. If the scratches are in the finish, they will be removed. If the scratches are in the wood, they will not be removed. , 1 Day Recoatingonly works on the finish, not on the wood itself. We have developed aSystem – – which is a method to refresh the color of the entire floor.

Will my floors look like “brand new” when the , 1 Day Recoating is completed

Your floor will look a lot better after the process…but not like “Brand new”

Will my floors look just like the floors in your before and after photos?

All floors are different no 2 are exactly the same.

Will the new finish be streak free like a factory finish?

The factory finish has been sprayed on several times in very thin coats. The in-home, hand-applied custom finish has “levelers” to assist in leveling out streaks.

Will the final finish have streaks?

Maybe yes, Maybe No. …Streaks are a part of wood floor finish just as brush marks are part of wood work painting. Some show more than others depending on may factors. Satin finish has a tendency to streak more than semi-gloss or gloss. Some woods emit a chemical reaction that caused streaks. When we see that there may be a possibility of streaking, we will add additional levelers in order to minimize streaking as much as possible. We make every possible attempt, as a quality painter does, to prevent streaks.

How durable is it?

This is a question of appearance retention. We experience the Brunswick premium finish will last a long time. You may still scratch the surface, but considering the whole floor, we are confident you will experience satisfactory appearance retention for years.

Will my wood floor strip ends “peak” or “split” after the 1 Day No Sanding™ system?

Not likely….All floors are different, less than 1 % of the floors do have some “end peaking” and those settle down after a few weeks. To completely eliminate ”end peeking”, the entire floor would have to be sanded.

25 YEAR RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY? Exactly what is the 25 year wear and no dulling warranty?

Our normal process adds 3 to 6 coats of protection to your floors. Same as we apply on bowling alleys, gym floors, dance floors and commercial floors. Those floors receive extremely high usage and need recoating every 6 to 8 years. Use that as a guide as to how long will the finish last on your floors. Home use traffic is much less.

GUARANTEE 100 %? Do you guarantee against certain negative appearances which may pop up during the process or after, like cracking, peeling or streaking?

Cracking, peeling and streaking are not guaranteed with the , 1 Day Recoating They are guaranteed with the Dust Free Sanding

What should I do if I’m not sure if I should 1 Day Re Coating System

If you want a “like new” floor, with an exact stain color, and your floor can be sanded and you should get your hardwood floors DustFree sand refinished.Most floors and most customers do not need or want their floors to be “like new”, but just better.

I think I have nice wood under my carpet, what can I do?

We’ve been very pleased to find out that protecting the wood underneath, is one of the great qualities of carpet. In our area, we’ve been blessed with really good wood that was installed from the 1930s to 1970s. The wall-to-wall carpet has protected it beautifully. We’ve found that when we take up the carpet, we can, with only a little extra work, fill the nail holes from the tack strips and repair isolated damage.

What happens after you take up the carpet, pad and tack strip?

Most of the time, the hardwood floor underneath is not damaged and we can proceed with the 1 Day Re Coating System If there are boards that need replacing, it will be extra time and extra cost depending on the exact conditions. Normally, the pad is adhered to the floor with staples, which we pull out and fill the holes, included in the quote at no extra cost. Sometimes the pad has adhered with adhesive that causes the urethane to come off the floor when removing the pad. If the damage is light, we proceed with no extra cost to the customer. If the floor has excessive urethane damage & some wood floor damage it may be best to do a DustFree Sanding™ that will make the floor come out like new.

Will it remove paint?

YES Dust Free sanding will remove paint.

Can you repair localized damage?

We have replaced boards, hand-scraped boards, hand sanded boards, stained the affected areas, and then performed the Dust Free Sanding process on the entire floor.

How do you deal with stair treads and risers?

We do stair treads and risers by hand.

What is curing?

Curing is associated with the Brunswick Premium Urethane finish and is the hardening of the urethane. It hardens from the top down. Therefore, the urethane may feel dry, but it isn’t hard. As the hardening continues downward, the urethane is curing. The urethane is more than 60% cured in 4 hours, 90% cured in 24 hours. 100% curing occurs in 48 hours.

Do you do gyms?

Traditionally gyms are refinished each year by “screening” the floor and applying a coat of oil-based urethane. That is a 2 system process. Ours is a 1 Day Re Coating System . We think we will prove that our process is superior and will reduce the long-term cost, because it may be possible to make the refinishing bi-annual instead of annual. We only use the Premium Urethane on gym floors or other commercial spaces.

Why is it that your stripping process doesn’t eliminate the original finish? Wouldn’t it be easier to start the refinish with raw wood?

You don’t need to remove the finish. You need to prepare it to receive another coat of finish. Any finish that is present after system 1-4 has a good bond and is providing protection for the floor. We add to that protection. There isn’t any reason to remove all of the finish.

Can you plug into the wall?

The 1 Day Re Coating System machines plug into the wall – they use 110 power.

Should I install new quarter rounds?

If we are taking up carpet and pad, probably the existing quarter round has already been taken up. In this case you can install new base or quarter rounds after 72 hours.

Tell me about possible paint/damage to 1/4 Rounds or Baseboards?

NEVER USE TAPE ON WOOD FLOORS! As long as you do not use any type of tape on the wood floors, you can paint or touch up the baseboards or ¼ rounds in 72 Hours. It is not possible for us to properly apply the system near the edges of the rooms without making contact with the baseboards or ¼ rounds. We do our absolute best to be as neat as possible, but please plan to do some touch up painting. We are not responsible for any damage to baseboards or ¼ rounds….Again…… NEVER USE ANY TAPE ON ANY WOOD FLOORS!

Do you “mask” the baseboards or 1/4 rounds?

NO…..Some customers do their own masking. Be aware if you “mask”, the probability of the urethane coating and the urethane on the masking tape may become one surface. Before removing the masking tape, use a sharp blade & cut between the bottom of the baseboard and the tape. This will help you avoid the possibility of removing some of the urethane from the wood flooring when taking off the masking tape.

Will it get rid of pet stains?

No and Yes…. If the stains are in the finish, yes, but if the stain is in the wood it will probably not come out. There are other options to deal with pet stains and other discoloration. We can also replace boards to help resolve the problem, at an extra cost.

There are black spots in front of my sink. Will they come out?

Probably not with the 1 Day Re Coating System. Unless Dustfree sanding

Is 1 Day Re Coating System able to change the color at all?

NO Our process alone, removes the dirt on the floor. This may slightly lighten the color of the floor. For a color change Dustfree sanding needed.

Can I alter the color of my floor?

Yes, Dustfree sanding system change the color of your floors.

Can you make my floor color look darker?

YES We can alter the existing color of your floor

I have been waxing my floor. Can you do the 1 Day Re Coating System

NO eventually the new urethane will start to peel. The floor must us the Dustfree sand system.

What is Orange Glo?

As I understand it, they are an inexpensive acrylic polymer. Other acrylic polymers include Mop N’ Glo and shoe polish. It bonds to the floor, and is not removable without sanding.

I have gaps between the boards, will the 1 Day Re Coating System process fill these gaps?

Most wood gaps are there to compensate for normal expansion and contraction.

My existing finish is peeling. What should I do?

Peeling is worse than chipping. When a finish is chipping, there is some bond to the floor. When a finish is peeling, there is no bond to the floor. the floor must be Dust Free

Isn’t oil-based urethane better than water-based urethane?

There are no oil based urethanes in California. For a long time oil-based urethane was considered better than water-based urethane, but that was a long time ago. Especially over the past 11 years, the water-based urethane manufacturers have improved their products. We feel that the water-based product that we use is much better than the available oil-based products.It is harder, longer lasting, and clearer. It is used by Brunswick on their bowling alleys. Also, it costs about 12 times more than oil based urethanes (up to $ 150.00 per Gallon).

What finishes and sheens are available?

We have 3 sheens available: satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Used in heavy duty commercial spaces like gyms. Semi-gloss – has a lot of sheen but doesn’t look like glass.It can be used commercially or residentially. Satin has very little sheen, but creates a beautiful, mellow floor tone.It is our most popular of the finishes, is best for hiding dog scratches, and adds a nice patina to the wood. Matte is not recommended as it has no sheen and appears to be no finish on the wood. We have used this in museums only

If I have dogs and children, which sheen is best?

The more gloss, the more reflective, and the urethane will show more scuffs and scratches.

Will you move furniture?

However, furniture is one of the determining factors of the cost. If there is little, if any furniture, the price will be very low. If there is furniture, but it can be moved to a room that we are not refinishing, the price is a little higher. If there is furniture and we can’t move it out of the room, we will have to do 1/2 of the room, then move the furniture to the other half, and your job will be the most expensive option.

How long will the odor last?

The odor is minimal. We spent days refinishing community centers, gyms, churches, pre-schools, all while occupied as we worked. There was one complaint about odor and after a half hour, the complaint evaporated along with the odor. The more coats of Color that are applied, the longer the odor will last.

How long until I can walk on the floor?

You can walk on your floor in fresh socks, in about 4 hours. With shoes, in about 8 hours. It would be nice to give the floor 24 hours until the furniture is replaced. The floor is 90% cured in 24 hours.

How long until I can put my area rugs back?

Depending on the backing and cushion you are using, best to wait 2 weeks for the top coat to be fully cured.

What should I do with my dog?

It would be nice for your dog to have an overnight.

Can I be in the house?

There is no problem with odor, but you shouldn’t walk on the floor while we’re doing the work. At the least, you’ll introduce dirt to the processed floors. You can walk on the floors in socks 4 hours after the technician leaves. You can walk on the floors in shoes after 8 hours, and move your furniture back after 24 hours.

How can a sanding price be less than or equal to a 1 Day No Sanding™ price?

It can’t. It is impossible for a sanding price to compare to a 1 Day No Sanding™ price because of the difference in the cost of labor. Sanding is very labor intensive. 1 D

What is the difference between a gouge and a scratch?

A gouge is much deeper than a scratch. With 1 Day Re Coating System we have a chance of completely resolving a scratch, but we can’t always resolve a gouge. In some cases we can use stainable putty along with the 1 Day Re Coating System system, which will be helpful.

What are the benefits of DustFree sanding?

When you sand a floor, you get to a new layer of wood, and you also sand out the imperfections unless the damage to the wood was too deep or too severe. The floor can be completely stained to any color you’d like. The color can go from dark to light or light to dark. Damaged planks can be replaced with new ones and blend right in. Additional areas of wood can be installed and sanded to match. Partially damaged floors can be repaired to look new. We do all of this without creating dust!

How much wood is removed by DustFree sanding?

1/32”. If the sander isn’t removing gouges, stains, or other imperfections that require deeper sanding, he will, if he is very good, take off 1/32″. If he isn’t good, he may take off 1/8″. Another reason to use OC DustFree

Are steam cleaners safe for wood floors?

NEVER use any steam clear for your wood floors. Water & wood do not mix!

How many Technicians can I expect to show up at my home?

From 1 to 3, depending on the size of the job.

How many 1 Day Re Coating System jobs have been completed?

Over the last 50 years, about 100.,500.

How long have you been in Business?

Since 1951 in Orange County California.

Is it customary to tip the Technicians?

Tipping is not required, but it is a common practice, and greatly appreciated by our hard working technicians!

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